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About Us

We are a Canadian company selling exclusively to fellow Canucks! We want to share the best there is for every cottager, camper and outdoor weekend warrior!

When we moved to a house on the border of Waterloo, Ontario, with our three very active boys, we became the owners of our very own wood fireplace and a forest of trees in our backyard. We searched high and low for a solution to get our felled dead ash trees turned into fireplace wood, and we found a wonderful invention from the last place we would have expected to have twin desires for making fires, New Zealand.  The back story of the young girl who invented it is a story in and of itself; it is inspirational and in line with how we want to raise our boys; to be ever curious and look at new challenges from an unanticipated perspective.

Share in our Canadian love for that which brings friends and family together.  Relax by the fire, bask in the warmth, be proud of what you’ve made, and cheers to many new memories,

From our fireside to yours, cheers!