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Kindling Cracker & Hammer

Kindling Cracker & Hammer



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This is a 10 lb. solid beast of cast iron made for one reason and one reason only; creating kindling.

Unlike using an axe or hatchet, virtually anyone able to hit things with wood can use the kindling cracker, and the kindling won't fly all over the yard as you split it.  

Use a mallet, butt of an axe or even another log to safely split your firewood into perfect kindling size pieces.

Virtually maintenance-free, no sharpening ever needed.

Kindling Cracker Specs

  • 10 lbs. of solid cast iron, straight from the forge in Australia.
  • 12 in. tall with bolt holes so you can attach it to a stump of wood and save your back.
  • 6.5in. diameter ring so no one and nothing except that piece of wood ever gets split by the blade.

Hammer Specs

This isn't Thor's hammer but it is the perfect companion for your new Kindling Cracker.

This hammer is a 3 lb. drop-forged carbon steel mallet, with a clear-stained hickory wood handle highlighting the natural wood grain of each piece of hickory.  

Waxed Haul Bag Features

No matter which way you slice it this thing has one job to do and it does it well.  Carting an arm full of logs from a wood pile in the middle of winter isn't much fun.  This waxed canvas haul bag makes the job a lot easier.  It is strong and durable, so load it to capacity and on those bitter cold days you can be thankful you got a ton of wood in one trip.

This haul bag isn't bullet proof, but if you keep it clean and dry it will last a lifetime. 

  • Durable Waxed Canvas; no polyester here!
  • Reinforced handles that are one continuous strapping around the entire bag, with machine reinforced stitching throughout


  • Dark Brown
  • 54in. long and 18in. wide
  • Holds approx. 14-16 3in. logs